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Turn the Page, Children’s Center for Academic Success is the #1 privately owned, tutoring center in the Lehigh Valley with 98% satisfaction. Our staff are required to have background checks and are Master Level Specialists in their field, certified teachers from the local school districts, and/or have years of experience in education as well as tutoring.

Unlike franchise centers, we develop our own curriculum tools and menu of services according to individual and community needs. Where franchise centers feel “school like,” our 2,892 sq ft facility is unique in that it is designed and decorated to create an atmosphere where students look forward to coming. In home tutors and sitting at a kitchen table can also feel like an extension of school and can get quite boring. Students learn best when learning is fun and engaging. At Turn the Page, students have opportunities to socialize, make friends and recognize that they are not the only ones who may need a little help. You can often hear students say,” I don’t want to go home yet,” “Mom, this feels like home,” and “This is so much fun.” Unlike other centers, we offer comprehensive services to ensure success for students and to help reach the various goals that families have for their children. Our services include both academic and social and behavioral programs. In addition to focusing on academics, we are committed to increase self-esteem as well as the love of learning.

Every family starts with a free consultation in order to learn more about the student, better understand goals and explore paths to ensure success. Our state of the art assessments are researched based, aligned to state standards and provide specific data such as grade level, strengths, areas of weakness and skills that may have been missed along the way that could be preventing student from progressing in school. Turn the Page takes the assessment data and designs a curriculum that will fit your child like a glove. No two students have the same curriculum as we design their program based on individual needs. We do NOT use packets of worksheets or rely solely on computer generated lessons. All work is completed with the tutor. We work one on one with students, provide supplemental lessons, progress monitor on a weekly basis and communicate with parents at the end of every session and are always willing to collaborate with school teachers.

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We want to help your kids as much as you do. By choosing Turn the Page, you are providing your child with the knowledge and skills that 20 years of experience has to offer.