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About Turn The Page

Turn The Page, LLC is a one-of-a-kind Children's Learning Center in the Lehigh Valley committed to unlocking your child's potential to reach academic goals. Located in Emmaus PA, we offer a collection of tutoring and assessment programs designed specifically for your child's needs and goals through individualized and group experiences. Turn the Page gives students the confidence and tools for academic and social growth. If you live in the Lehigh Valley area, this is the best place for your children to gain an invaluable educational experience that will build fundamental skills as they continue to grow.

Turn The Page Children's Learning Center offers a unique, home-away-from-home creative, learning environment and we take pride in our multidisciplinary approach to enriching skills. All programs consist of hands-on, creative, and fun activities to promote the love of reading and learning! Our professional staff and creative learning programs foster educational development, academic success, build confidence, and cultivate a lifelong passion for learning and success!

Cutting Edge Assessment

We take the guesswork out of it! We provide a cross-grade level assessment in addition to teacher observation of reading skills and an informal self assessment from the child in order to pinpoint your child’s needs down to the sub-skill level. Our comprehensive, cutting edge assessment provides our specialists the opportunity to learn about the "whole child" and therefore allows the specialist to design an action plan so your child can receive explicit instruction designed specifically for them.

Home-like environment

Turn The Page Learning Center offers an environment that feels very much like home for your child. We believe that a comfortable learning environment allows the student to maximize their learning efficiency. Our rooms are also designed to meet the needs of all learning styles and learning tasks. When combined with fun learning activities and high motivation, our comfortable, well organized learning environment serves as a catalyst for productive effort. Children are often heard saying, “This feels like home” and “I don’t want to leave yet.”

Expert Instruction

We are devoted to unlocking your child’s true potential with creative, fun and hands-on activities. No worksheets or standard grade level curriculum. Our professional staff have over 20 years experience, and we are proud to be the only Children's Learning Center in the Lehigh Valley that offers programs designed and monitored on a weekly basis by Master’s Level Reading and Math Specialists. Progress is monitored on a weekly basis and we keep you updated at scheduled progress meetings with our Master's Level Program Manager and Director.

First-Rate Programs

Turn the Page offers learning programs for all types of learners. Programs are designed for your child’s individual needs, which means that no programs are alike. We adjust EACH program to fit your child like a glove. All students make progress on skills through our unique and exciting programs. Our learning programs include enrichment classes, remedial instruction, preschool activities, social skills groups, clubs, and homework help. We have programs for all age levels and all individual needs. We also offer fun, educational storybook birthday parties and monthly children events for the community.

Getting Started

Step 1: Consultation

We offer a FREE 30-minute consultation with our professional staff to discuss the best arrangement for your child.

Please click here to download the Initial Consultation Form to bring to your appointment

Step 2: Assessment

All children begin with a diagnostic assessment to provide timely, accurate information about each child and to establish a baseline for instructional needs and decisions. The Diagnostic Assessment is lined to Common Core instructional materials that are used in individualized teacher led lessons.

Step 3: Learning Program Design

Upon completion of consultation and assessment, a certified master's level reading specialist will design a creative, hands-on, engaging "prescription" specific to your child's interests and needs while using best practices and research based materials. Reading Specialists and tutors pull from a variety of researched-based programs and do not teach from one set of programs. No worksheets, no over-reliance on computers and no specific grade level programs.

Step 4: Implement

We use a multidisciplinary approach and look at all programs to establish the best course for intervention and enrichment.

Step 5: Apply

All progress is monitored on a weekly basis by a certified, Master's level Reading Specialist. If needed, the Reading Specialist/tutor will adjust prescription until the service fits your child like a glove!

Our Staff

Kim Clinchy Turn The Page

Kim Clinchy, M. Ed., Program Director:

As a PA Department of Education certified Reading Specialist, Kim is a member of the International Reading Association and Keystone State Reading Association. She has presented at reading conferences both nationally and internationally, most recently at Shui Yen University, Hong Kong. Her background as an Elementary School teacher and Reading Specialist in both the public and private education systems gives her a strong understanding of current classroom reading practices and teaching methods.
Kerri Longacre Turn The Page

Kerri Longacre, M. Ed., Program Manager:

Kerri is a PA Department of Education certified Reading Specialist, and is also a member of the International Reading Association and Keystone State Reading Association. Her background as a Director at both Sylvan and Huntington Learning Centers gives her a unique perspective on Reading and Math remediation. Teaching in both the public system and the private sector has also made her very sensitive to the challenges, both academic and social, that children encounter in today’s world.

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